About me

Austrian born (1936) but living in England since 1939 I have drawn and painted all my life - part time while pursuing a Civil Service career, and full time since 1993.

From 1969 to 1993 I painted and exhibited regularly at Cubertou Art Centre in South West France benefiting from the teaching of its director Peter Norton. I did mainly oil paintings of landscapes and still life, using an impressionistic and responsive approach which was structured around colour relationships and driven by a strong emotional charge. Applying paint thickly I worked fast to capture light and movement, often completing paintings within a few days or even hours.

On being able to paint full time in 1993 I worked in the same vein for some time while experimenting with new media including water colour, pastel, inks, and mixed media, and with each of these advancing my understanding of colour. I tended to paint series on the same theme e.g. of St Paul’s Cathedral, sheep scapes in the Somerset hills and church interiors. After some time I was unable to sustain the emotional requirements for my fast way of working and I felt the need for a more considerative, structured and long term approach. So I stopped painting for about 3 years and just drew. During this time I returned to the classroom, relearning how to draw and studying human anatomy. I also copied master drawings and paintings in the British Museum's Print room, National Gallery and other institutions.

other mediums incl. watercolour and pastels etc and lately have enjoyed water based pencils incl.coloured pencils.

After 1993 I exhibited frequently in UK with the Heifer Gallery in Islington - twice solo, as well at the Meeting House Gallery in Ilminster Somerset, the Collyer Bristow gallery and The Florence Trust, and the Highgatean Gallery (solo) as well as from my London studio. But more recently I have not exhibited except at two Self Portrait exhibitions at Kings Place London.